About Us


Each of us is on a unique journey in life, navigating everything for the first time.

We overcome challenges, celebrate successes, love unabashedly, and suffer sadness and broken hearts. All the while, we embrace the present and seek to stay grounded in gratitude for the beauty and extraordinary gift that is life.

Silver & Sage offers a connection to your personal story. Each piece is as much personal talisman as it is beautiful jewelry. Whether through the properties of our natural stones, or the symbolism of a charm, the moment a piece resonates with you, it becomes profoundly meaningful. Our hope is that wherever you are on your journey, Silver & Sage will inspire you- to keep seeking, loving, hoping, embracing and living authentically in everything you do.



I'm often asked about how Silver & Sage began and the truth is, it began as a gift when part of my own journey came full circle. I grew up with two entrepreneurs for parents. From a young age, I frequently traveled to Mexico with my mom, as she would work with the silversmiths of Taxco, designing and buying jewelry for her own company.

It was on these trips I learned from my mom the art of jewelry design, and more importantly the profound gift of connection. For years, mom and I traveled the long and windy mountainous roads of Mexico, often times in the back of a beaten down car with no air conditioning, driven by the memorable Don Ciro, a gentle soul who always greeted us with a smile and deep appreciation for the opportunity to see each other again.

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